The fog giveth, the fog taketh away.

I was all happy yesterday, because it was foggy, and then a shitty thing happened. The fog went and snatched a plane out of the motherfucking sky and smashed against a day care, smashed it good. No kids were hurt, but sadness: the three people in the plane lost their lives. I hope it was quick, no suffering. Terrible terrible. No visibility today. Thick thick fog.

Palo Alto and East Palo Alto (where the plane hit) are not the same city. Economically,

Palo Alto : East Palo Alto : : Northwest DC : Anacostia

Palo Alto : East Palo Alto : : Bel Air : South Central Los Angeles

Palo Alto : East Palo Alto: : Columbus Circle : East New York.

Okay, there are many flaws with those analogies and I would flunk the SAT. Maybe then I could backpack across Europe, or drive all of Highway 50 with a friend, or see South America, or camp all of Alaska’s wildernesses. You see failure; I see opportunity. I can turn these broad generalizations into a time machine! Doc will show up in a DeLorean with a magic floating skateboard I will use to cruise to E-Z Street. I have just become a champion of good-willed ignorance. We become what we hate, we become what we laugh at.

East Palo Alto is not a rich place. Generally, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men don’t come running for East Pally. I hope the bits of it that were broken get put back together again. (There. That was much better.)

I have a snow day right now because of it. Twenty years ago I’d be so happy. That’s back when we had bomb threats every three days or so at my middle school, because someone figured out that would get us out of class. Right now, I’m feeling sad and jittery. Drank too much homemade Vietnamese coffee¹ to take a nap.

Fog, you are a cruel, cruel mistress indeed. I am sorry for the people who suffer at your fickle hand.


¹Espresso + sweetened condensed milk. There is probably a snooty Italian name for it, and a bastardized Starbux name for it, but I like my name for it now, and Starbuck is the first mate on the Pequod! And I’m a jerk! For all my grandstanding, I’m not above them. I don’t really like it, though. I think they burn their beans. Peet’s is better. And the local places are better still, especially if they make it by the cup. But I grew up on Peet’s, and I’m loyal like that, so that’s why I stick with them.

And I recently had to look up the name of the Pequod, because although I’ve read Moby Dick, I didn’t remember that piece of information. So I can’t really be better than anybody. But I triple dare you to use this line on someone next time they ask you if you want a Starbucks just to see what happens.


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