Tomorrow is your “Rabbit, rabbit,” day

Hey y’all, I forgot to remind you for April, but I remembered for May. Tomorrow is the first of the month. Before you say anything else, you’re supposed to say “Rabbit, rabbit!” That’s before your feet hit the floor. We’re aiming for good luck for the month of May, because this has been a rough year for me and mine. I want everyone out there to have good fortune, or blessings heaped upon your heads and shoulders (if that’s how you roll, and you pray to the temperamental rabbit-respecting gods), or coincidental happy things happening to you throughout the month.


And they will have the luck which I have given to them, their god

So again, let’s run some wacky experiments. Try it. Ask the BunBun here to twitch his nose in your general direction. Appease him by saying his real name. Ask the Flying Spaghetti Monster to wave his noodly appendage over your house by saying, “Rabbit, rabbit!” tomorrow morning before you say any other words or get out of bed. Do something whimsical, for heaven’s sake. Don’t take life so goddamned serious. Likely to age too quickly, my friend. And we all know what happens to those people.

I used to play this song every first of the month when I was a freshman in college with my roommate.


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