Nostalgia: Still trying to figure out why “Berlin” is “100% evil”

Remember this dude? The dude who spelled “devil” as “devile”? He said someone heard this band and she felt 100% evil come over her. Huh. Well, if by “evil” they both mean “men wearing copious amounts of slap all over their faces like two-bit whores,” then I agree with them. Otherwise, fools, you trippin.

Let’s do an experiment–in fear. Let’s listen to Berlin and see if we feel the evil. Candyman! Bloody Mary! (Remind me sometime to tell you about the time I played Bloody Mary with some slightly famous people.)

“Metro”: This is a song I forget exists until I hear it. Then it stirs something inside of me extremely vividly. Other songs that do this: anything by Oingo Boingo, “Shot Down in a Blaze of Glory,” by Bon Jovi and “Major Tom” by Peter Schilling.

“Take My Breath Away”: Remember this movie? The video has the entire plot here, except a significant lack of Iceman and volleyball.

“Sex”: And this one! The dirty one. Slightly NSFW. Involves boobies. And the lyrics, of course. I used to giggle when this song came on the radio.

Feel the evil yet? Me neither. Strike three, Devil; you’re out.



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