Nostalgia: I still find the way Bryan Ferry moves embarrassing

Serious. So many Roxy Music songs are about dancing and he looks like Guy Smiley, with a hand up his ass, jerking around awkwardly. Look, I’m glad there are jobs for fabricated Americans and Englishmen alike, but the way he “shakes it” is just embarrassing. For reals.

“Dance Away”: Remember this song? I do. Who’s ready to adult contemporary soft rock?

“Love Is the Drug”: Yeah, that’s the hit. I need to start wearing an eyepatch. Love the stewardesses.

“Avalon”: This video has everything sophisticated 1980s videos had, if you were wondering. Pretty girl, close face shots, animals, ballrooms, tuxedos, and castles. For deep/Billy Idol/Depeche Mode videos, crosses were invoked.


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