Nostalgia: Remember your first concert? 1986, baby

In 1986, I saw Depeche Mode with OMD opening. It was the Music for the Masses tour. I was nine. My brother Judge was super jealous that I went to a concert before he did. I went with a friend and her cool parents. I had such a crush on Alan Wilder. He’s not the lead singer. That’s Dave Gahan. I still remember all their names! Martin Gore, and Andrew something, I think. (Looked it up: yup, Fletcher. Damn, that mental space could be used for something useful.) I used to fucking love Depeche Mode. And New Order, too. The Cure, not so much.

–Wait. I just looked up when Music for the Masses dropped: 1987. I must have been ten when I saw it. This fucks up my whole internal narrative. For years, I saw them when I was nine. Now, I was ten? Jesus on the toilet. I don’t know what to do with this information.


It is by a rare twist of fate ol’ Seer did not become a goth. I thank my lucky stars today. No, that herd instinct lay nascent within, then in my high school days the rave movement called me. You should have seen the macaroni necklace with the giant rattle I used to wear around my neck. Yes, that’s true. Embarrassing. I hope there are pictures of it somewhere. Sight to behold, fah cheesy. How do parents not pee themselves looking at their children? I mean, I have a hard enough time not laughing at my adult mother now. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to not laugh at your own children.

Let’s watch some Depeche Mode, shall we?

Behind the Wheel

What was your first live show?

Enjoy the Silence



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