Oh, my spurs

Oh my spurs, they jingle jangle jingle,

As I ride, a merrily along,

And they say, oh ain’t you glad you single,

And you know, they ain’t that far from wrong.

barbequeing chicken

Here's a chicken sitting on a tallboy of Coors Light. That's good eatin there.

So ol’ Seer had opportunity to share this fine bird with four, that’s right, four couples this weekend. It’s raw now. I didn’t take pictures of it cooked. It just looked so ridiculous sitting on a tallboy on the grill. You pour out half the beer first and let it be basted from within by the beer. It doesn’t taste like beer. It’s just the moistest chicken you’ve had. Fie-fie delish. Took about two hours at 350º F on a gas grill.

I think I also may have made a faux pas, but I don’t know.

I came out from changing into shorts, and there was a good-looking dude there with two of my friends (yes, with a couple). I shook his hand and said hi. We talked for a minute. I did wonder if he were single or not. Then I noticed he had rolled up in a station wagon. Not likely, thinks Seer. After he walks away, my friend mentions to me that he’s engaged, and his fiancée is present. What, did I drool over him that much? Was I super forward? I didn’t think I was inappropriate with dude. I had thought I was fine. Sighs. Left to be questioning myself for days afterward.

I’m alright with my company. I have been for a long, long time. But it’s getting a little old. I would like to have a sidekick, and wouldn’t mind being someone else’s sidekick, too. It’s just that I end up on dates with people who used to be in cults (yes, this recently happened to me), or am pursued by people who mention their sex addictions, or ask me if I perhaps have bedbugs when I have hives, or who are the size of jockeys, or who look like Santa Claus.

So I remain a spinster. Married to the sea. Haven’t had my heart properly broke in years. Or my bed neither. I know I’m picky. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Sometimes I pick wrong. There’s the rub. I don’t regret my picks, really. I’ve learned from them all.

I think he’s out there, somewhere. I just wish he were here already. Shit, man. Fuck are you?



  1. subWOW

    You made the beer can chicken! How was it? Sorry, that’s all I care about after seeing that picture. LOL. I saw the movie Couples Retreat. Don’t judge! It’s nice to see those huts over the water in Bora Bora, the whole time I was not fantasize about getting it on and getting down to the beach. Anyway, there is this one single girl in the movie, and she was there surrounded by these couples, and I still believe she had the most fun. So there.

    • Seer McRicketts-McGee

      Beer can chicken is awesome, if the post did not convey that properly. Brother Judge tells me that Limonata chicken is also awesome, but you have to get that weird little holder for the can to shove up inside the chicken. A tallboy fits perfectly inside a chicken.

      It was so moist and delicious. Falling off the bone, but not gummy or rubbery. I highly recommend it. The skin stayed crisp, too. I’m not quite sure how much beer she poured out first, but I think it was about half. I can find out for you.

      And Bora Bora sounds nice, but spending time with Vince Vaughn does not.

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