This album rocks my summer, too

Madlib Beat Konducta vol. 3-4: Beat Konducta in India

It’s an album of breaks, so it’s made for MCs and DJs, really. I don’t mind listening to well-produced tracks that don’t have vocals or scratching on them. And these tracks are gorgeous and inventive. Sure, they’re a little gimmicky, but they’re also really ballsy and they go all the way with the concept. It’s better than you think it would be. The music is rich and the beats never interfere with the melodies; Madlib uses a judicial hand. It’s really, really good. I used one of them for one of my phone rings. I can hear it that often. You can buy it from the source at Stone’s Throw Records. Or I guess you could go to Amazon or something, but I like to buy from independent record labels, if I’m not going to go to a local store.

I just went there and bought another two albums (Madlib in Africa and a Koushik). I’ll let you know how they are.


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