And another summer album

Funkadelic Funkadelic

I’ve recently been exploring what so many people have already known, the joys of Funkadelic and Parliament. When I picked up Funkadelic, I expected it to sound like Parliament: choral funk. Instead, I heard a soulful, twanging, raw, deep woods sort of music. Instead of the technical precision of Parliament, it was organic and fresh. You can really hear it on this track, “Music for My Mother.” It’s a wild sort of music, full of guitars and drums and harmonicas. It will remind you of old rhythm and blues, but it takes it to a different place. A new place. A place with acid in New York. It’s good. Satisfying. You’ll like it. It’s great for driving, or sitting in one place letting the music take you on a journey while you let the heat hold your body down. Perfect for summer.


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