Could I, would I, should I save it? Since you all care so much about my knitting life

I started Spidey again. With different yarn. This thing better come out good or I’ma be super-duper pissed.

spiderman blanket second edition

Here's the center of the second blanket. I made it with a hole this time. Purposeful. Still jogs in the middle. I still don't care.

The colors are way better this time. Way more Spiderman. The navy was getting me down. So I went to my favorite yarn store in the world, Rumpelstiltskin, in Sacramento, California. I know! Sacramento has the best yarn store ever. I’ve been to stores in New York, Portland, Los Angeles (Wildfiber is pretty awesome, and so is Knit Cafe), Washington DC, and the East Bay Area, and I’ll put them all toe-to-toe with Rumpelstiltskin. It sells looms, spinning wheels, drop spindles, needle felting equipment, as well and knitting and crochet stuff and, of course, hella yarn. Plus the ladies there know what they’re talking about. And it’s open on Sundays, too.

Not pretentious, not overpriced, you can find everything there from acrylic to Cascade 220 to cashmere to camel-hair to silk roving to every color of Encore to alpaca yarn the ladies spin themselves. It’s a place where I can ask questions like, “Can I knit entrelac with the magic loop method? I’ve never done entrelac before, and I don’t want to confuse myself,” and my mother can come in and tell them to make up a baby blanket pattern for her that she can knit while she watches television (my mother is a functional knitter, two steps above rib stitch scarves), and they will actually do it for her.

spiderman blanket revisted edge

Here's the edge of the blanket. It's coming out okay. I have practiced on two other blankets before this one, so I'm getting good at these fuckers. Again, the blue and brown cotton at the edge is my marker yarn.

I wanted a synthetic blend in bright blue and red, plus black, and lo and behold they had Plymouth Dream Baby DK in these colors. They didn’t have enough skeins of the red–thirteen of the blue, four of the black, and seven of the red–so they’re going to order it and mail it to me! Fantastic customer service. She even looked through all of her sample books to see if she had any worsted weight synthetic yarn in the same colors. No dice. But so nice of her! I’ve never had anyone go to that amount of trouble for me. There was no one else in the store at the time, though. Partially why I got so much attention. Also: the owner called at the time of our interaction, and she asked the owner if she knew of a yarn, and the owner didn’t. But then the owner called back a minute later with a suggestion. That’s customer service, for you.

Before I started these blankets, I thought these three colors would be easy to find. I was a sap.

It’s DK weight, so this one will take me longer than the last one. The last one was worsted weight, really a 4-5 weight yarn, and I knit it on 10.5 needles to make it lofty. This one I’m knitting on 8-sized needles. It’ll have a nice hand because it’s so fine, it’ll just take a long time.

Michael’s had better take back all that yarn I have to return now. If not, may God have mercy on Michael’s immortal soul.


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