My eyebrows…they diminish. Ergo, a life of crime

After getting my brows threaded today (I’ve started getting them done every two weeks again), I look decidedly less Muppet-like. But I’m starting to look more and more like an arch-villainess.

Time to start advertising in Craigslist for a gang of cohorts. I wonder what we’ll do. Counterfeiting? Burglary? Check kiting? These eyebrows look so good, they can go straight from a day of bank robbery to a night of grand theft auto. You name it, they’re ready for action.

Or maybe we’ll think really big. Like the Legion of Doom, or SMERSH, or House Harkonnen. Steal nuclear bombs and threaten to blow up the sun or the moon or all the cumin in the world. He who controls the Spice controls the Universe!

The Wednesday lady totally did a better job than the Saturday lady I usually see. I think I’ma switch.

The Spice Must Flow. Mwahahahaha.


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