Now on my needles: Candlelight lace


Front side of the scarf so far...

So I’m now knitting a scarf in Candlelight lace (Barbara Walker’s second treasury, pages 279-80). I like my scarves to be reversible. Haven’t yet finished the first of the 36 row repeats. Sock yarn on size 3 needles. I don’t know if I’ll have the time to finish this in six weeks. It’s for someone in particular. I might have to abandon this and knit something else for this person. I have some super bulky yarn in the stash I can use; I’m trying to only knit yarn I have these days.


Back side of the scarf so far...

Have I ever mentioned that you can see all the patterns from the Walker treasuries knitted out on this site? No, I haven’t. It’s the Walker Treasury Project, and it’s awesome. This is how I found out all the patterns that were similar on both sides in the Walker Treasuries. Servicey!

Here’s the page for Candlelight Lace. You won’t get the actual patterns there (gotta buy the books for that), but you can see all the swatches in color. You can also contribute your own swatches for the ones that aren’t done yet. Your knitting can be famous.


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