For luck in August: tomorrow, remember: Rabbit-Rabbit!

All right, peoples, let’s do this.

Luck rabbit

I bring you tidings of good fortune and joy.

Tomorrow morning is the first of the month. Before you say anything at all, or hop out of bed, you are to say, “Rabbit-rabbit!Not, “Hare,” nor, “Bunny,” but a double dose of the “Rabbit,” is what the Luck God ordered.

This will bring you good luck for the month of August. I didn’t make the rules.

Superstition makes about as much sense as anything else I do these days. It’s not like my 401K is picking up any fucking money.

May the month of August be lucky for you in this shitty, shitty year.


One comment

  1. Seer McRicketts-McGee

    Did you remember? I got woken up by the phone this morning and didn’t. I called the person back and realized I didn’t say it first. I went back to sleep and when I woke up again I said it, but I don’t think that counts. Rats.

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