Scarves! Scarves! Scarves! Everybody!

If you ain’t knitting scarves, get your butts out my house….

tilting blocks scarf front

Front of the new scarf.

I abandoned the Candlelight lace scarf in favor of something much faster to knit. This, I can get eight rows done in about fifteen minutes. Eight rows are one of the diagonal sections, and they measure about three inches tall in real life. That’s progress you can believe in. I’m on a time crunch, you see, so as much as I prefer the other pattern, I need to be realistic. So it’s worsted weight yarn, Cascade Pastaza in this case, which is an interesting single-ply strand of half wool, half lama. It’s a little itchier than I’d like for a scarf, but I’m using shit from the stash, and I have a shitload left over from the Failed Cable Sweater of 2005.

tilting blocks scarf front closer

Front side up close.

Pattern is an adaptation of Tilting Blocks (Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury, p. 263), but instead of balancing it, I chose to put the garter stitch in theĀ  middle (normally, it’s underneath the yarn over sections), and kept the yarn overs over each other, for a more lacy effect with a sort of walkway in the middle. It’s an experiment. What’s happening is the yarn overs are making very sharp corners that are sticking up a bit, so I’ll have to block it down. It’s a gift, so the person I’m giving it to will continually have that problem. Oh well.

tilting blocks scarf back closer

Back of the scarf.

The back is not as attractive as the front, because of the nature of the yarn over construction. I don’t really care that much today. I care somewhat, but not that much. I’d rather get it finished in time than do something that has the most attractive wrong side.

It’s also pulling in and curling a bit. The garter stitch isn’t enough to keep it balanced. I did a three-stitch deep border, but all the yarn overs are making it curl a little. Frustrating.

All in all, not my best effort, but I don’t think anyone notices but me at this point. Everyone else is just happy to get something handmade.

All the ladies love it when we give them handmade scarves….



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