Oh, this is the Muad’Dib I’m talking about

This was my first introduction to Dune, and although I love the novel, I always see the characters this way. This is what my brother means when he says some old lady “looks like a Harkonnen.” Every line I ever hear from Dune is from this movie, though. I remember the book’s concepts, but not the lines.

Channel 2 (KTVU, also home of Dennis Richmond on the news) used to always play this shit. It was like the station manager, when he couldn’t figure out what else to put on, would just throw up Dune and call it a day. Related: Channel 44 was the all Mask and “Head of the Class” station. It was always one or the other.

Sexy, sexy Sting and Kyle MacLachlan. Beautiful Sean Young. And a bonus: Captain Picard. Sad I missed him actually doing Shakespeare when I lived in Brooklyn, since that’s really supposed to be his gig.

This clip features such greats as:

And I will bend like a reed in the wind…

I WILL kill him!



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