Boring announcement!

Gryphon and the Mock Turtle

Once I was a real turtle, and people came to my site.

I’ve made a change in the feeder settings so you can read full content without coming to the site. Sorry you couldn’t before; that must have been annoying. I don’t read the site in a feed reader. Occasionally I check it, and say, “Huh, that’s weird, why won’t it expand?” but then I go about my life. Which is also rather dull. I made really good peanut butter chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and my full bind in side angle position in yoga has gotten excellent, and I’m doing abdominal work at home to get stronger for yoga, and my boss was happy with some shit I managed to do for her at the last-minute because I procrastinated, and I’m going to clean out my email, damn it. Oh, and I still have mudbutt. All week, pooing soft serve. That’s my dull life.

So my already paltry stats will go down so low. Already, they’ve dipped. I just have to believe you’re still out there, dear twelve readers. If you aren’t on the Feedburner, I don’t know that you’re there. Clap. Clap if you believe in Seers. Or gonorrhea. Er. Look, I believe in both, but I don’t want you to get an STD. Or STI? Are they really calling them that these days? Why the switch? Oh, it’s all too complicated. I just can’t keep up. Anyway, clap and bag up.

But I can keep up with feeds, and I learned what was keeping it thus, made the changes, et voil√† or whoomp or [insert whatever you like here that means there it is] you can get what you need without coming to visit me any more. Don’t worry. I won’t get lonely. I have real friends. They live in Canada.¬† You don’t know them.

I’m so hopped up on caffeine and cookies right now, it’s not cute. Au revoir/peacey wease!


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