I’ve started another blog

Hi everyone!

It’s really, really hot in the Bay. Heat wave, we’re having a heat wave. It got me really irritable for a minute there. I had to take a nap today at six o’clock this evening because I couldn’t think. It was eighty degrees in my apartment with no signs of cooling off.

And I got to thinking of how annoyed I was. The easiest way for me to get out of myself (read: get my head out my ass) is to write down some things that I’m grateful for. So I decided to make a public gratitude list.

You can read it here: http://iamgoingtobegratefultodaydamnit.wordpress.com/

Yes, it is called, I Am Going To Be Grateful Today, Damn It. Because that’s who I am. I’m only two things in. You can get in on the ground floor!

I know, it’s gimmicky. But maybe I need a little gimmick in my life. Maybe I need to not take my shit so fucking serious.

I won’t abandon Occipital Hazard, not at all. That’s a place for gratitude. This is a general place for gripes, stories, memories of my childhood, head junk, and one of my favorite tags, “whoa, that shouldn’t be.” Like leaving your panties on a pile of dirt in a construction site by the side of the road. Pack that shit out. Have some class, people. (Yes, I saw that yesterday.)

Thanks for your attention. As you were.

your pal



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