Another scarf bites the dust

Remember Mr. Saxon Braid? Well, he’s done!


He got slim in the blocking process.

I blocked it a little stupidly and it grew–no lie–two feet during blocking. It was five feet or so and now it’s nearly seven. So the fat, rounded cables got all skinny. Oh well!

June to September turnaround isn’t that bad for a scarf. I’m pleased with it. Considering I knit the Tilting Rivers and have been working on another Spiderman baby blanket.

Like I said before, if you want a chart for a Saxon Braid, there’s one here, at Knitty. The designer went to the trouble to write it out, too. To make this scarf, I just added a seed stitch border four stitches deep on each side, plus one stitch for a slip stitch border on the edges. The seed stitch keeps it from curling, you see.

saxon braid scarf up close

Here’s what the cable looked like before I washed it, if you’re interested. See how much squarer and fatter they were? Now they’re all streamlined and long. Not that I’m trippin. It’s just the way things went.

It’s a gift for someone. She doesn’t know it’s for her. I think she’ll be very surprised and very pleased by it. I can’t wait until she gets it! I still have to send the Spiderman blanket, by the way. Such a scrub, I haven’t sent it yet. The baby it was meant for was born last October. Jeez, Seer. I guess it’s a one-year birthday present. This scarf is an unbirthday present. I’m pleased as punch with myself, I am.

That’s my story about this scarf.



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