Salted caramel budino: this is a foodstuff you need to get down with

salted caramel budino

Sparrow made this batch of budino.

So Sparrow told me she’d been turned on to something wonderful her last trip to Los Angeles, and that she needed to make it for us. The next dinner party she had she made it, and I understood what she was talking about. Salted Caramel Budino, alternately known as Butterscotch Budino with Caramel Sauce, is fucking fantastic. I was full of dinner, but compulsively stuffed myself full of pudding. There are a ton of recipes for it online, and I don’t know which one is Sparrow’s. I forgot to ask her. I think she said it was Mario Batali’s recipe, which would actually be Dahlia Narvaez’s (of Pizzeria Mozza, Mario Batali’s restaurant in Los Angeles). It’s available on the New York Times website.

This shit is fucking scrumptious.

Why is it so good? It combines a smooth texture with gentle, mellow butterscotch, sticky, dense caramel, and kernels of sea salt. The salt brings it all together, giving it the contrast you need to explode the flavor in your mouth. It makes the flavor fuller. I dare you to not lick the bowl, man. I dare you.

We didn’t have crème fraîche, only whipped cream. I think with crème fraîche it might be deadly. I might fight people for their portions. Two man enter, one man leave!


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