Nostalgia: Home Turf took us down the city streets

When I was little, there was a show on local TV here in the Bay Area called Home Turf. It was about young people, street culture and what was cool. I still remember an episode that had a girl who was no longer using cocaine, saying she “got high now from petting her cat.” That was weird. I could not relate as a little kid, and still can’t relate. Cats and coke are really nothing alike. Most of the clips I’d saved on my youtube playlist have been deleted which makes me sad, but I was able to find a few, including one gem.

This bit with DJ QBert is still tight as fuck. And it’s from 1992. I love turntabalism more than the average bear, though. I could watch DJs for days.

BMX bikers in 1989! They’re totally rad!

BMX biker and apartheid! He stands up for his principles!


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