Nostalgia: before Johnny Depp was anything, really

Before Johnny Depp (Depp, that has to be a stage name) was anything other than an ensemble player, there was 21 Jump Street. I used to watch this show religiously. So did my brother. It tried–and succeeded–to make narcs look cool to me. Can you believe that? Jesus. Rat finks!

Here’s the opening credits. Gratuitous use of acid washed denim. Not standing up to the test of time as “must see TV.”

Johnny Depp, learning to be a gangster. Gangster fail! Holmes!

Clips from the pilot! Cheesy.

Watch Johnny get shot!

There are three seasons of full episodes up on YouTube for the watching. Did I just eat your workday? Gee, I hope so. Working is for chumps! I wish. I wish I had a private income. I wish I had no secrets.


Happy weekend to you all! Oh, I’m goaling (that isn’t a word! I’m a good-looking rebel who doesn’t play by the rules, though, so I’m deeming it appropriate) to blog every day in September, so some of them will be limp and sub par. We will all have to deal with some shitty posts. But there hopefully will be no holes!

your pal



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