Still dreaming of Thumpasorus People

60's women with handguns

They're coming to get me, àpropos of nothing. I should be prepared, take a self-defense class or something.

I’m still dreaming crazy, just barely remembering them now. Just figments, like dirty thumbprints on car windows. Something awful greasy with big hands was there, but what?

The only natural explanation is Thumpasorus People. I am dreaming of them. What do they look like? I don’t know. This song is the only evidence I have of them besides my ghosty dreams. If anyone has seen a Thumpasorus Person, please advise me of what to look for. Hairy? Waxed from head to foot? Tiny enough to crawl down my nose? They sound big, but maybe they have big throats, like bull frogs, and tiny selves. Like walking coffee mugs. Or smaller, like thimbles.

Any help you can give me with the Thumpasorus People is greatly appreciated.

your pal


Night of the Thumpasorus People (1975)


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