Nostalgia: everyone does want to rule the world, except us slackers

Remember Tears for Fears? Now that I’ve mentioned them you totally remember them. The sheep-eyed guys–were they brothers? I just looked it up, and no, they weren’t. Popular in John Hughes movies, along with Simple Minds.

Tears for Fears were really popular when I was a little Seer. Even if you didn’t like them, you knew them. Songs from the Big Chair was a big album. And their videos were either dull as rocks or typical eighties videos: nonsensical rubbish trying to be profound. See “Pale Shelter” for this in action. It has everything, animal, lady in swimsuit, child, the band, and random symbols. It’s only three minutes.

Sorry a couple of these are out of sync. They’re like that so the google-bots won’t pick up they’re on YouTube and pull them.

Mad World (1983)

Everybody Wants to Rule the World (1985)

Shout (1985)

Head over Heels (1985)

Pale Shelter (1983)

Mothers Talk (1985)


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