Decidedly more shrug-like. Or creepy. You be the judge

retro shrug sewn

If you were on acid, this would be the creepiest looking mouth right now. What would it be saying to you, besides that you shouldn't have eaten acid?

Knit up, sewn up, and the collar with the short rows is done.

All I have left is the edging! Whoomp!

I’ll blog more later today. At least, I think I will. It’s the night before and I need to go to sleep so I can be in the City at 9 a-fucking-m for a level 2/3 yoga class that’s supposed to be fucking hard as hell. Sparrow says it’s fun. We’ll see how fun anything is when I have to be at her house at 8 on a Sunday. But I plan to tell you about the best sandwich I’ve had in a while, the fish’n’chips I ate last week, and perhaps my City yoga adventure. Yes, my life is so exciting. I should have a reality show. If I did, you could hear the songs I sing, and see my little dances and the faces I make all the time. I’m a real riot. I’m so popular and everybody at this school loves me so much.

To the shower! And then, to bed! Vrrrroooom.


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