Thuggish shruggish done!

I have finished the Retro Redux shrug. Alas, there is no one here to model it, or photograph me in it. My bathroom and bedroom, the two places with mirrors in the house, are too messy for me to try to take photos of myself wearing it. I’ll try and remember to bring it somewhere where there are people who will photograph me in it soon. So here it is again, on the couch, looking mouth-like. Here, it even appears to be talking. This is completely unintentional.

retro shrug complete

What what! I'm done, fools.

The song the title refers to is below the jump. I did tag this post correctly, though. Crappy music/Seer thought it was funny.

I’ll try and post something more worth everyone’s while later, but we’ll see if that happens. Peacey-wease, I need some sleep.


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