Restaurant review: Rotten City Pizza

Rotten City Pizza
6613 Hollis St.
Emeryville, CA 94608
Mon – Sat: 11AM – 10PM
Sun: 12PM – 8PM

rotten city salumi pizza

Rotten City Salumi Pizza

So many of my restaurant review posts start the same way. After yoga, Sparrow turns to me and says, “X,” and I say, “Let’s go.” This time, it was just before class, and she said something about pizza. I was down. It was a place called Rotten City, in Emeryville, which used to be called the Rotten City. After class Kea (Sparrow’s dutiful and also hungry husband) called the place and ordered two pies: one for them and one for me. The pie was the Salumi, which is a daily special. It’s a basic pie with a salumi (salami) that changes daily. I can’t remember what this one was, but it was fucking delicious. It also had lumps of Gorgonzola on it–tasty.

rotten city salumi pizza close up

Does that look good to you? It does to me.

Also, I have become one of those bitches that talks about yoga a lot. I know, I do it on the blog, but you can leave at any time. You’re not a hostage. I noticed I was doing it with Sparrow at the pizza parlor. At least I only do it with her. I don’t take hostages. My arms are starting to get a little bit scary, y’all. Like the veins are popping out a little bit in my biceps. I’ve got some trepidation about going to Monkey Yoga Shala, because I might go all extra mannish. But I still have “Hi, Helens,” and I can only do five pull-ups (not moving my legs) and twenty-five push-ups (regular style). What gives? If I look like a freak I should be freakishly strong. None of this fake muscle shit.

Still, I will never go all Gwyneth Paltrow on you. I will keep eating pizza and talking dirty.

rotten city salumi pizza slice

That's a full-sized plate there.

The pie was hella good. It wasn’t really crispy by the time I got it home (Sparrow invited me to eat at her house, but I really just wanted to eat alone in my underwear), about 45 minutes or so after it got out of the oven. It was still warm, the crust wasn’t soggy, and the cheese was still delectably melted, though. I ate two and a half of the giant slices in rapid succession and then had to sit down and take a break.

It cost $27 and some change, so it wasn’t cheap, but that’s about as much as you pay anywhere for a pie that size. They do deliver. They also sell by the slice, and they sell salads. (Salad: aka, waste of pizza space. No, it’s Caesar, and I’ll bet it’s good.) Slices are about $3.50 each. They also have a meatball sub ($9) that I’d like to try. I can’t fully price them, because I didn’t find out how much delivery cost. I wish they were closer. They’re still close to one of the yoga studios I frequent, which is a little dangerous.

On the five-star, five-dollar scale (for just the pizza I had):




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