Two rare sightings: Fiesta Cat and a demigod

Yesterday I saw two things you don’t see everyday: my friend Fiesta Cat (a.k.a. Tiger Shorty) and a demigod named Len. He was in the shape of a dog. I don’t know what kind of dog. I’m not a dog expert, and neither are any of my friends. Sometimes there’s someone around who will say, “That right there is a mighty fine Schönerhund,” or, “Bless my stars! I do declare, I’ve not seen a Babastar Dog in some time!” But all my friends and I could say was, “BIG DOG! Good fucking shit, the biggest DOG EVER.” Because he was a small god. His name is Len. His eyes are brown, if you are wondering.


He blessed us with peace and prosperity and a fine shopping day at Target. His aura made it a little hard to take pictures, however. Kinda overexposed.

seer, sparrow, fiesta cat, zorro smitty

So that’s me, Sparrow, Fiesta Cat, and Zorro Smitty. Outside of Brown Sugar Kitchen.

My sort-of review: I didn’t take good pictures of the food, so I won’t blog it this time. Really, they look kind of ill (because I’d really begun eating hard-core), but I will strongly suggest it, and suggest you get the chicken and waffles. Fried Chicken and waffles is a delicious combination, and they do them up well there. You’ll have to wait a half hour or so to get a table. Three had chicken and waffles, one had grits with poached eggs, and one had quiche and potatoes–though she had asked for salad. We split the check even, had a couple biscuits and an order of beignets and everyone had a beverage, coffee or iced tea, and it was twenty dollars (a couple of people kicked down a dollar or two more) each for five. And large dogs/small gods hang out there. So there you go.


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