I forgot how much applying to school costs

pooh in the forest

And Pooh, his back against one of the sixty-something trees and his paws folded in front of him, said "Oh!" and "I am broke," and thought how wonderful it would be to have a Real Bank Account which could pay for things.

I just got around to getting my transcripts today, and I forgot how much that shit costs. Between two bucks and fifteen a copy. And I went to five schools–four for my undergraduate, because I am a burnout, and one graduate institution, to try to make up for that fact. And then I need to get seven official copies of transcripts for the various schools. Why an institution needs two, I don’t know. Only two schools say they need only one copy. One says they’ll make a second copy should they need it [instead of using it to light cigars] and the other says they’ll take one official and one unofficial. But two? Oh, and one school won’t even take them from me, I have to have them sent from the schools themselves. Oh, and two I can’t order online. One, because I was a student in 1996 (I’m old and was in college then). The other, because I need them sent to me. Oh, bother. This is why my disorganized ass needs an assistant.

Plus there’s the fees to apply to the school proper, about sixty bucks a pop for five programs. There goes my Sephora run for the weekend. And everyone’s Christmas presents.

I am a sad little Seer. Not only do my stories suck right now, I have to pay someone to read them. And I have to pay with a credit card. And they aren’t even written yet. Sadness.

I will suck it up and keep working. If you see my life, tell it I hate it.

How’s the husband hunt going? That poorly, eh? Rats! Rats drowning in a sewer!


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