So so-so

I am so cranky in such a mediocre way. I can’t get the energy up to be furious. I just wrote a long, rambling, nonsensical post that added nothing to the blog whatsoever, and I decided that I hated it.

I feel like this:

snap dragon fly

`Look on the branch above your head,' said the Gnat, `and there you'll find a Snap-dragon-fly. Its body is made of plum-pudding, its wings of holly-leaves, and its head is a raisin burning in brandy.' `And what does it live on?' `Frumenty and mince pie,' the Gnat replied; `and it makes is nest in a Christmas box.'

My head is on fire. I am impractical. I am an insect. The only difference is I am not drunk and haven’t been in twelve and a half years exactly.

Nothing is as it should be. I should be further along than this in every way. I should have more skrilla, I should be further in my career, in my applications, I should be married, have kids–I’m shoulding all over myself today.

Get it together, Seer! For god’s sake, girl, you’re a fucking mess. At least take a shower.

This post is quickly on its way to meet the other one, so I will bid you goodnight. I will try to put down the bat and pick up a feather, since I’m already covered in bruises and this game historically ends in tears.


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