So I applied for school. Everything is done. Except I have to do my taxes and get my financial aid stuff done, which is a pain in the ass, but I have my, “do you like me guys, huh, huh, am I good enough, please tell me I am” stuff done. And the transcripts and the application fees and all that stuff done.  And on time.  Some just barely, some months ahead. I got them all done at the same time. I had to come down with a bad case of applications and was sick from work for three days, but I got them done. Yay for me! It was terrifying in the end, because my dream was attainable by someone, I just wasn’t sure if it was attainable by me.

I will try very, very hard to not talk about these until March when I start finding out if I am lovable or not. No, I mean if I am accepted to the only four schools I applied to. That’s not a whole lot. I can still do other things. Like become a carny. Or date hobos. Or sell my teeth to witches.

I just wanted to thank you for the silent support you have been to me. Even though I don’t know that you even read these. I just get to vent and that helps my ass.


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