This is my theme music this week

I cannot get enough of this song right now. Jesus, it is so catchy.

Plus the tracking is a little off, so it’s kinda like being on hallucinogens! At least, that’s how it was for me sometimes. People would talk or things would happen faster than the speed of sound. It would take a little bit for the sound to hit my ears. I’m such a bad influence. I still make drugs sound good, even though I repeatedly say that I don’t use them because my life on drugs was like an old helium balloon left in the corner, all wilted and sad, with no lift, even though that’s what balloons are made for, and the skin was all flaccid and tacky, so even touching it made marks that wouldn’t go away, and it just kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller by the hour, and it had a leash tying it to a fixed point and it could not escape its hold.

Mr. Peacock, Mr. Peacock, how’d we ever do without you?

You gotta admit: Mr. Peacock is really fucking groovy. And I love his showgirls.


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