Nostalgia: this one is for you my brother. I summon a monster

Judge doesn’t read this blog. He doesn’t know it exists. There are several reasons for this, but none are happy-making. Anyways, I will still dedicate this week’s nostalgia post to him.

When he was a wee thing, he loved this song so much.  I believe little kids like monsters and dinosaurs in no small part because they could easily destroy all the big people. Little people often feel so very powerless. Always pushed around, told what to do, pulled by the hand, and put in situations that they may not want to be in. Little kids have no agency, is what I’m saying. Godzilla would sure as shit fix that situation. And there was also a Godzilla cartoon on around then (1978-1981). Judge was born in 1974.

Watching it now, I must say this concert would have been awesome on drugs–if you didn’t lose your head. Because this drum solo kicks ass.

Blue Oyster Cult– “Godzilla” (1980)

If you want to see the opening of the cartoon, here it is. It’s Hanna-Barbera from that time, and predictably weak. Well, it’s half good. The Godzilla part is good. But then they have the comic relief part, a la Scrappy Doo, and everything goes to hell.

Judge can still sing this perfectly. You should hear his, “And Godzooky….” His face gets all soft and his eyes get all excited. It’s adorable. You’d hardly know he’s thirty-seven and works in finance.


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