Ghetto philosophical debate

I’m going to win Lotto one of these days. But you gotta play to win. Your odds are slightly higher that way. Just a little. The liquor store on the corner is my current go-to spot for my tickets. It’s a place with a happy name, something like Rainbow or Sunshine or Lucky Liquors, I can’t remember, but with bullet-proof plastic for the dude, the register, and the liquor to hide behind. It’s next door to the wig emporium, across the street from the used car lot that can’t stay in business, around the corner from the Korean karaoke club that is bumpin, and down the street from the unmarked biker bar.

Ernesto Che Guevara reunited with Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, in Cuba. 1960 The other day I met my future ex-husband. Nothing says “class” like bringing your lit cigarette into the liquor store with you, adamantly picking the rolling papers you want while exclaiming that you “ain’t picky,” becoming irate when tax is added to the dollar price tag, and then picking the nine extra cents needed to complete the purchase out of the Take-A-Penny tray. Oh, and I think he was playing some Insane Clown Posse in his Pathfinder outside the store. Yes, Juggalo, one day you will be mine! I should put up a missed connection for him. Strike while the iron is hot.

But no, today, today was the best. I was leaving today with my lotto tickets and I passed two pretty teenage girls deep in debate. One was bright side, arguing for all that had potential, intention, and positivity. The other was the shadow side existentialist, proving that God is indeed dead, and that action is futile. The strange thing was, their mannerisms were the opposites of their arguments. Bright side was flat and cool, and shadow side was passionate and firey. Kind of like a devout Christian and an Atheist arguing about the existence of god, really. But the thing was, it was all so economical. The conversation, as I heard it, was over in fifteen seconds, tops.

Shadow side: “It don’t matter!”

Bright side: “Matter.”

Shadow side: “It don’t matter!”

Bright side: “Matter.”

Shadow side: “IT. DON’T. MATTER.”

Bright side: “Matter.”

Shadow side: “…”

And that was it. If you had been there, you would also agree, that yes, it matters. I know today that it matters. There is matter in the universe, gray matter in my skull, and my actions matter. Bright side, you win this one. Don’t get too cocky, though. It is far from over.

Yes, these are the people in my neighborhood, in my neighborhood, in my neighborho-od…


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