Nostalgia: The Powerhouse is yoooouuuu!

So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a nostalgia thingamajigger. I used to watch Powerhouse on Channel 9 (our local PBS affiliate) in the afternoons in the early 1980s, along with 3-2-1 Contact, but I can’t remember the plot, characters, setting, or anything else. The song kind of haunts me a little. But that’s about it.

Anyone else remember this little ditty from deep down in the recesses of your brain? If you remember what the in the blue blazes happened on this show, holla at a bitch.

You know what? Let’s post an episode and see if it helps. This episode involves teenage alcoholism! Sounds juicy.

Cheers (act 1)

Okay, those lungs looked a little too much like testicles for my tastes.

Cheers (act 2)

Yay for the inclusion of a Hobo American. I don’t think there are enough positive depictions of hobos in popular culture. Hobo Joe was a friend and not a pedophile.

But yeah, this doesn’t make the show any clearer in my mind. Sorry. The dance “uncommercial” make me remember the time fat-ass Cretin Herringstongue (not his real name, but surprisingly similar) told me I didn’t know how to dance in the fifth grade. Go fuck yourself, Cretin. My milkshake does indeed bring all the boys to the yard.


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