Whoomp! Changed the theme

I do get bored so easily (maybe), and I think we can all agree (just not too heartily, since it was all my fault) that the old site was a bit of an unusable eyesore. (There, I said it. Are you happy, Salman Rushdie? You win a nickel! You can fish it out of my ass.) So I changed it quite a bit.

Margaret_MacDonald_-_Opera_Of_The_Seas_1903Anyways, I changed the format, and pulled a lot of what I hope were extraneous widgets because I felt they were junking up the place. I hope you like it better now. Hopefully I’ll be more inclined to come by and leave stuff for you to peruse.

And let’s face it: I get bored because I am boring, and live a boring life. That’s just a fact. I watched an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy from 2009 today while I worked on a baby blanket for Sparrow. That’s dull and there’s no way to get around that. I won’t apologize and I’m not ashamed.

UPDATED: Okay, since I wrote this, now three separate people have told me stories about being stalked by people who are a) definitely losing her mind (if she isn’t full tilt already), b) possibly losing his mind (if he isn’t already bananas) and c) a lady who is clearly certifiable now. Compared to that shit, I live in Blandsville in the state of Beige.
Who am I trying to fool? I’m only 5’6″. There’s no way Salman Rushdie would fuck me with Don Dellilo’s dick.


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