Tiny bubbles, flowing gently into the abyss

I have been friends with the Shadow Fairy for nearly thirteen years now. We’ve been through a lot. Hospitalizations, weddings, deaths, divorces, people running away to other states (there have been at least three people we have had in common who have done this on us)–a lot of drama. We’re getting less and less drama. We’re learning to choose better. (Most of the time.)

So we were talking today about some fucking crazy bullshit some people in her life had pulled. Crazy and hilarious and I won’t share. I won’t!

What I will share is what followed after the drama.

“I feel like this is such a soap opera,” the Shadow Fairy said. “X is following Y, Y is following me, and I’m following Z, who is headed into the abyss. So we’re all headed off the cliff,” she said, laughing.

“I wouldn’t follow Z,” I said. “He’s no Sacajawea.”

“No,” she agreed. “Why are we doing this?”

“Maybe an ice cream truck or something will drive by and you’ll all get sidetracked. Stop for an It’s It.”

“Go after something bright and shiny. Or maybe we’ll all be forced to wait at a light for a fire engine, think it through and forget the whole thing.”

Stranger things have happened to change people’s minds.


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