Whoa: is this song about that?

So we’re cleaning up from dinner and I can’t remember the exact context and I said something and He said something else and I said, “Look, I, I’ll do anything that you want me to do, but I can’t go for that. No, no can do.”

“That song’s totally about doing it in the butt,” he said.

I think it’s about about swinging. It was the 80s.

Wait, it is? This increases my love for Hall and Oates if it’s so.

What say you?

Plus: someone on YouTube pointed out that Daryl Hall had the hair of Wolverine.

And I just had to tell Him: it was much foggier in the 1980s. I can’t explain it just was.

Addendum: we weren’t talking about doing it in the butt.  I would have remembered that.




    • Seer McRicketts-McGee

      I can’t tell if you mean you wouldn’t do something in particular in the butt, like stick a bumble bee up your butt even with Daryl Hall, or if you won’t do anything up the butt. But hey, no pressure. It’s not like I got a call from Daryl Hall just now asking if I knew anyone down to party or anything. That’s my exclusive use of time travel, by the way. Making Daryl Hall’s sexxxual dreams come true circa 1983. Yeah, he’s kinky. Here’s a tidbit: he’s really into Leggs pantyhose and Scotch tape.

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