Don’t forget: Lucky Rabbit for March


It’s almost the first of the month!  That means another chance to increase your luck for the month–the superstitious way.  Maybe I should write a diet book.  Lose Weight with Hexes.  People would dig that, wouldn’t they?

Anyways, first thing when you wake up on March first (or any first of the month), before you say anything else and before you put your feet on the floor (these two things of the superstition are very specific–if you fake it or try and go back it Will Not Hold, I’m sorry for you, you must wait a month), say out loud, “Rabbit Rabbit!”

Then you will have good luck for the month!  Splendid!  Splendid in deed.  Yes, in all deeds, all will magically be splendid and you will be so lucky.  What will you spend your luck on, my friend?  For luck is currency in today’s fast-paced, superstition-based economy.  Mecka-lecka-high, mecka-highny-ho, says Jambi Gecko.  Making shit happen.



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