No more angry mobs versus mourning sociopaths


So something really awful has been happening in the news lately.  Pick whatever story you want as your choice of Awfulness!   There are dozens and dozens of them!

And yet again: I can’t do this anymore, y’all.   I can’t read the news.

I was looking at the comments on this one news story (because TODAY ONLY, 50% off of masochism–and I just couldn’t resist), and so much of it came down to two things: vengeful, bloodthirsty mobs with torches versus bewildered, mourning sociopaths ready to split semantic hairs.

“KILL IT WITH FIRE!”  was the most up voted comment, usually, followed by, “I really, really wish we could…KILL IT WITH FIRE!  Watch the red, red flames lick higher and higher and send the soulless down to eternity of brimstone and–FUCK IT BURN IT NOW!”

The other side went something like, “That’s not hurting because I say so.  This is my world.  You’re my boys and girls.  You are all my little babies.”

Also popular: “Everyone SANE and RATIONAL, be careful out there because other soft-bodied bipedal creatures are delicate, unpredictable and not easily controlled.  It might tell some sort of authorities if you try to ‘kill’ ‘it’ with ‘fire,’ if you get my drift.  You might get on some sort of arsonist registry.  Think of your future.  And remember:  KILL IT WITH FIRE in 2016!”

Goddamn, it’s sick out there.  And “out there” is in the hearts of so many people.  And there’s nothing I can do but choose to let it infect me.

Or not.  So not.  I choose not.

No.  No more for me.  It’s not like I can do anything about these things by just reading about them.  I try and make a difference in the lives of the people around me every day.  I try to love them well.  Ignoring them by pushing my principles or by being an asshole because I’m all upset over this bullshit?  No thank you.

I’m just going to watch the video for Space Unicorn repeatedly.


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